Damien Hirst Paintings

Damien Hirst (b.1965) is an English artist who originally gained international popularity in the 1980s. He is known for his paintings, sculptures, and art installations, which are often very unusual to the viewer. One of his most well known art series features preserved and often dissected dead animals, including sheep, cows, and most famously, sharks.

Paintings by Damien Hirst in Chronological Order:

A Thousand Years, 1990 The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, 1991 Away from the Flock, 1994
Beautiful revolving sphincter, 2003 Flumequine, 2007 The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth, 2008
The Crow, 2009 Aubade, Crown of Glory Beautiful Maat Intense Fetishistic
Cornucopia Dark Days For the Love of God
Guitar Photo Guitar Photo Home Sweet Home
Human skull in space Hymn LSD
Philips Butterflies Piggy Psalm Prints
Psalm Prints Supreme Skate Decks The Dream
The hours Album cover The Sacred Heart Valium
Virgin Mother Virgin Mother