Cyrus the Great Timeline

Cyrus the Great Timeline in Chronological Order


c. 600 BC Cyrus the Great is born, likely in the Persian city of Anshan, to Cambyses I and Mandane of Media.
559 BC Cyrus becomes the king of Anshan after the death of his father, Cambyses I.
550 BC Cyrus the Great overthrows his maternal grandfather, Astyages, and the Median Empire. He incorporates Media into the Persian Empire.
547-546 BC Cyrus conquers the Lydian Kingdom, led by King Croesus, and expands the Persian Empire to include Asia Minor.
539 BC

Cyrus the Great captures Babylon and frees the Jewish people from their captivity. The Cyrus Cylinder, a clay document, records his decree allowing religious freedom and the return of displaced peoples to their homelands.

538 BC Cyrus issues a decree allowing the Jewish people to return to Jerusalem and rebuild their temple, as recorded in the Hebrew Bible.
530 BC

Cyrus the Great dies in battle, possibly against the Massagetae or the Scythians. His son, Cambyses II, succeeds him as king of the Persian Empire.

c. 515 BC The tomb of Cyrus the Great is completed in Pasargadae, the first capital of the Persian Empire.