Correggio Paintings

Antonio Allegri da Correggio (August 1489 – March 5, 1534), best known as Correggio, was a well-known Italian Renaissance painter from the Parma school. He created some of the most sensuous and vigorous works of the 16th century. Correggio pre-established 18th century Rococo art with his use of dynamic composition, dramatic foreshortening, and illusionistic perspective.

Paintings by Correggio in Chronological Order:

Judith, 1512-1514 Madonna, 1512-1514 Madonna and Child with Saint Francis, 1514
Madonna and Child, 1512-1514 The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine, 1510-1515 Madonna and Child with Angels, c.1510-c.1515
Adoration of the Christ Child, c.1515 Salvator Mundi, c.1515 Madonna and Child with the Young Saint John, 1516
Adoration of the Magi, 1517 The Rest on the Flight to Egypt with Saint Francis, 1517 Four Saints (from left St. Peter, St. Martha, St. Mary Magdalene, St. Leonard), 1517
The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine of Alexandria, 1518 - Correggio
The Adoration of the Magi, 1516-1518 Departure of Christ from Mary, with Mary and Martha, the sisters of Lazarus, 1517-1518 The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine of Alexandria, 1518
Portrait of a Gentlewoman, 1517-1519 Diana, c.1519 Putto With Hunting Trophy, 1519
The Holy Family with Saint Jerome, 1517-1519 Martyrdom of Four Saints, c.1520 Saint Marc, 1520
Adoration of the Child, 1518-1520 Coronation Scene, 1520-1521 Madonna with St. Jerome (The Day), c.1522
Madonna della Scala, 1523 The Vision of St. John on Patmos, 1520-1523 St. John the Evangelist, 1520-1524
Madonna and Child with St. Sebastian, 1523-1524 The Apostles Peter and Paul, 1520-1524 Deposition, 1525
The Assumption of the Virgin (detail), c.1525 The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine of Alexandria, c.1526-c.1527 Christ Presented to the People (Ecce Homo), c.1525-c.1530
Allegory of the Virtues, c.1529-c.1530 Adoration of the Shepherds (The Holy Night), 1522-1530 The Assumption of the Virgin (detail), 1522-1530
Madonna della Scodella, 1525-1530 The Assumption of the Virgin, 1526-1530 Ganymede, 1531-1532
Madonna with St George, 1530-1532 Noli Me Tangere, c.1534 Head of an Angel
Group of angels from Corrège - Correggio
Group of Angels from Corrège The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine Portrait of a Young Man
Antonio Allegri da Correggio The Vision of St. John in Patmos Half Figure of a Martyr

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