Constant Troyon

Constant Troyon
Born Aug. 28, 1810
Sèvres (in southwest suburb of Paris), France
Died Feb. 21, 1865
Paris, France
Nationality French
Field Painter
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Constant Troyon was born in Paris on August 28, 1810 to a porcelain manufacturer father. From a tender age, he enjoyed making good use of his in-born artistic passion–a feat that allowed his career as an artist to grow in leaps and bounds.

Reliable historical records claim that even before reaching twenty one, he had already achieved countrywide recognition through his works. To get the most from his works, it is said that he established connections with a certain china manufacturer with whom he worked steadily until he had saved enough funds to set up his own firm. By this time he had established himself as a renowned landscapist.

Constant_Troyon_The_FordIn the world of arts, inspiration from experienced artists always comes in handy. Upon realizing this, Constant befriended Camille Roqueplan, an artist 8 years his senior, who introduced him to a plethora of important artistic tips. In fact, in his early works Troyon seemed to endeavor to follow in his patron’s (Camille) footsteps.

It was not until when he moved to Hague, Netherlands, that his true-self as an artist started emerging. He realized that he could do much better with animal paints than with landscape paint (which he had chosen to focus on while working under Camille’s tutorage). No sooner had he realized this (and put his mind into it) than his fame exploded to different corners of the world starting from the US and the UK.

Constant_Troyon_SchäferszeneTroyon’s burning desire for quality artistic masterpieces saw him decorated with the Legion of Honour award, a highly regarded award in the field of fine arts. One of the notable individuals who came out strongly in support of his works was Napoleon III.

Before his death on February 21, 1865, he had a huge collection of paintings under his name.

Troyon’s Hand of Gold

Constant_Troyon_Cattle_DrinkingTroyon’s unique brushstroke skills continue to wow many art-lovers to-date. He had unique color blending and picture harmonization skills which brought an insurmountable sense of harmony and co-existence to a majority of his animal paints. He is one of the long-standing historical painters widely recognized for their heavenly ability to add a sense of realism to their works. Troyon never left any piece of detail to chance.

His Best Paintings

» Cattle Drinking: a scene on the banks of the famous Touques River depicting four cows drinking water. The fringing clouds, direct sunlight and shimmering water are just but a few of the noteworthy details perfectly captured in this piece.

» Cows Grazing: a world recognized image of cows grazing in an open grass field. The trees in the background are awesomely-painted.

» La Vallee: this is an awe-inspiring hand-painted oil painting. It boasts brushstroke by brushstroke professionalism.

» Outside the Stable: a vivid depiction of a horse standing outside its stable with a dog on its side.

» La plage a Trouville: a unique twist to Troyon’s love for bucolic livestock and field scenes. La plage a Trouville features a beach scene.

When it comes to animal paintings Charles Troyon’s mastery is king. His works continue to draw insurmountable world-wide attention. There’s no doubt-he is one of the greatest men to have graced the face of our beloved planet!