Constant Troyon Paintings

Constant Troyon (August 28, 1810 – February 21, 1865), born in Sèvres, France, was a French painter. His father was involved in the business of porcelain manufacture. Troyon became acquainted with many Barbizon painters. To earn a living Troyon became a master at porcelain ornamentation. It was many years before he overcame the limitations of his craft to produce master-level pieces of art. He eventually found his métier later in life, when he found his powerful ability to paint animals. Learn more »

Paintings by Constant Troyon in Chronological Order

Cows in the Field, 1652 Hillside with Rocky Outcrops, 1852 Running dogs, 1853
Cows at the Watering, 1855 On the Way to the Market, 1859 Herdsman, 1860
Return of the Herd, c.1860 Pastoral Scene, c.1860 Watercourse in the woods, c.1860
Apple Harvest in Normandy, 1865 Approaching Storm A View Towards The Seine From Suresnes
Beach At Trouville Cows Grazing La Vallee
On The Farm Path in a Small Wood Plowing
Returning From Pasture The Fisherman Unloading the Ferry
A Cow in a Landscape Cows in a Landscape Figures in a Farmyard
Goose Girl Outside the Stable Water Carriers
Horse Portrait Cow chased by a dog The Angler
The Ford The white bull Calf cows at the marl