Conestabile Madonna

Conestabile Madonna
Artist Raphael
Year 1502-1504
Medium Tempera on canvas transferred from wood
Location Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg
Dimensions 6.9 in × 7.1 in
17.5 cm × 18 cm

The artist Raphael Sanzio of Italy is credited with painting the Conestabile Madonna. The material used was tempera on canvas which has been transferred coming from wood. The painting was done between the years 1502 to 1504. Its dimensions are seventeen and a half centimeters by eighteen centimeters. This is considered as the last work of Raphael before his transfer to Florence. The name of the artwork is taken from the Conestabile clan since Alexander II of Russia acquired it from their family. This painting simply portrays the Madonna carrying the child in one hand while balancing a book on the other hand. The work is currently displayed at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.

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