Cimabue Paintings

Cimabue (c. 1240–1302), a.k.a. Benvenuto di Giuseppe, was a Florentine painter and mosaic maker. He is generally regarded as one of the first great Italian painters to deviate from the Italo-Byzantine style. Art from this period were comprised of forms and scenes that were highly stylized and relatively flat. Cimabue was an advocator of naturalism. His figures were conveyed in lifelike proportions and shading. Despite his favoring naturalism, his Maestà paintings contained Medieval styles and techniques. Learn more »

Paintings by Cimabue in Alphabetical Order

Crucifix, 1287-1288 Crucifix, 1280-1283 Crucifix, 1272
Enthroned Madonna with Angels, c.1285 Kristi gripande (detail) Madonna and Child Enthroned (Maesta), c.1280-c.1285
Madonna Enthroned with the Child and Two Angels, 1280 Madonna Enthroned with the Child with Angels Madonna Enthroned with the Child, St. Francis and Four Angels, 1280
Madonna Enthroned with the Child, St. Francis, St. Domenico and two Angels Madonna with Child, 1283-1284 Saint Francis of Assisi (detail)
The Flagellation of Christ, 1280 The Virgin and Child Enthroned with Two Angels The Virgin and Child in Majesty surrounded by Six Angels, 1270
View of the frescoes in the left transept, 1280-1283 Virgin Enthroned with Angels, 1290-1295 Virgin and Child
Virgin and Child(1)

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