Christ Blessing

Christ Blessing
Artist Raphael
Year 1505
Medium Oil on wood
Location Pinacoteca Tosio Martinengo, Brescia
Dimensions 12 in × 9.8 in
30 cm × 25 cm

The Christ Blessing is a work of art painted by the Italian Renaissance master, Raphael Sanzio (commonly known as Raphael). The medium used was oil on wood. The painting measures thirty centimeters long and twenty five centimeters wide. It was completed in 1505 and is currently housed at the Pinacoteca Tosio Martinengo in Brescia. Many art critiques have noted that the physical characteristics of Christ in this art work resembles that of Raphael. The theme is again religious as most of Raphael’s works are. In this case, Jesus Christ seems to be at the when he was crowned with thorns and was suffering. To depict this gloomy scenario, dark colors are used in the background.