Chop Suey

Chop Suey
Artist Edward Hopper
Year 1929
Medium Oil on canvas
Location Collection of Barney A. Ebsworth
Dimensions 32 in × 38 in
81.3 cm × 96.5 cm
Edward Hopper Famous Paintings
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Chop Suey, 1929
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Complete Works

In 1929 Edward Hopper painted Chop Suey with oil on canvas. It is 32 by 38 inches and is located in the collection of Barney A. Ebsworth.


Many critics think that the woman featured in the painting is facing her doppelganger. Others believe this is not true because the face of the other woman cannot be seen. Light on the subjects is one of the most important features that Hopper enjoyed painting.


Chop Suey features two women sitting at a table in the middle of a cafe. In the background is a man at a table with just the head of a woman sitting across from him. The tables are next to windows, one of which shows part of the name of the cafe. Light is shining on the table the two women are sitting at, making the woman facing forward have a very bright appearance. The man in the background is darkened due to being in a corner without any window light.

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