Castle and Sun

Castle and Sun
Artist Paul Klee
Year 1928
Medium Oil on Canvas
Location Private Collection
Paul Klee Famous Paintings
Twittering Machine, 1922
Cat and Bird, 1928
Senecio, 1922
Ad Parnassum, 1932
Castle and Sun, 1928
Red Balloon, 1922
Fish Magic, 1925
Insula Dulcamara, 1938
Dream City, 1921
Complete Works

Castle and Sun is an innovative painting by Swiss artist Paul Klee. The stylish images are created out of different geometric shapes and various shades of color. The lone sun shines in the ingeniously designed sky created by strong lines and structure. In addition, various rectangular sizes add depth to the abstract image.

Style and Technique

Paul Klee executed the cubism technique in his patented style. The mix of abstract with reality is shown, while figures are deconstructed to form interesting images. The clay colored background gives viewers a clearer view of how the figures seem to form a city skyline of intense color and light. Klee uses pops of yellow to bring the eye in and break up the browns that appear everywhere. This oil on canvas painting has a complex array of triangular figures to provide an imaginary metropolis of shapes.

The 1928 painting of Castle and Sun is an expression in abstract art. The touch of realism, angles and use of color creates a city of geometric shape. Paul Klee’s imaginary works continue to inspire and intrigue.

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