Canigiani Holy Family

Canigiani Holy Family
Artist Raphael
Year 1507-1508
Medium Oil on wood
Location Alte Pinakothek, Munich
Dimensions 52 in × 42 in
131 cm × 107 cm

The Canigiani Holy Family painting is painted by Raphael, the Italian High Renaissance artist. Oil paint was used in the artwork. The name of the painting was gained from the Florentine family who owned it. The painting shows Joseph standing over the Virgin and Elizabeth with the children. This shows the importance of Joseph as the adoptive father of Jesus. In this painting, the relationships between the figures are clearly seen through the glances.

In 1982, Hubert von Sonnenburg restored the painting and removed a blue over paint from the sky area which distorts the painting. The painting is now located in the Alte Pinakothek of Munich, Germany.