Canaletto Paintings

Canaletto (28 October 1697 – 19 April 1768), or Giovanni Antonio Canal, was a Venetian landscape painter (vedute). He was also a prominent printmaker in etching. Learn more »

Paintings by Canaletto in Alphabetical Order

A Regatta on the Grand Canal, c.1740 Alnwick Castle, 1747 An Allegorical Painting of the Tomb of Lord Somers
An Island in the Lagoon with a Gateway and a Church, c.1743 Basilica di Vecenza and the Ponte de Rialto Campo San Giovanni e Paolo in Venice
Campo San Rocco Campo Sant Angelo Campo Santa Maria Formosa
Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo, 1741 Capriccio of a Renaissance Triumphal Arch seen from the Portico of a Palace, 1755 Capriccio of a Round Church with an Elaborate Gothic Portico in a Piazza, a Palladian Piazza and a Gothic Church Beyond, 1755
Capriccio of the Grand Canal With an Imaginary Rialto Bridge and Other Buildings Capriccio of the Rialto Bridge with the Lagoon Beyond, 1746 Capriccio with a Portico
Capriccio with Classical Ruins and Buildings, c.1751 Capriccio: River Landscape with a Column, c.1754 Capriccio: The Horses of San Marco in the Piazzetta, 1743
Doge’s Palace, 1725 Dolo on the Brenta Entrance to the Grand Canal and the Church of La Salute, c.1735
Entrance to the Grand Canal: from the West End of the Molo, c.1737 Eton College Chapel, c.1754 Feast of San Rocco (The Doge Visiting the Church and Scuola di S. Rocco), c.1753
Fonteghetto della Farina, c.1730 Grand Canal, c.1733 Grand Canal Between the Palazzo Bembo and the Palazzo Vendramin
Grand Canal From Santa Maria Della Carita To The Bacino Di San Marco, c.1732 Grand Canal From the Campo Santa Sofia Towards the Rialto Bridge Grand Canal Looking Northeast from near the Palazzo Corner Spinelli to the Rialto Bridge, c.1725
Grand Canal. The Rialto Bridge from the South, 1727 Grand Canal: Looking North East from Santa Croce to San Geremia, c.1732 Imaginary View of Venice, c.1741
London seen through an arch of Westminster Bridge, 1747 London: Greenwich Hospital from the North Bank of the Thames, c.1753 London: Westminster Bridge under Repair, 1749
London: Whitehall and the Privy Garden from Richmond House, 1747 Mestre, c.1741 Night time Celebration Outside the Church of San Pietro di Castello
Old Horse Guards and the Banqueting Hall, Whitehall from St. James’s Park, 1749 Old Walton Bridge over the Thames, 1754 Padua: The Prato della Valle with Santa Giustinia and the Church of Misericordia, c.1740
Perspective View with Portico Piazza San Marco with the Basilica, 1730 Piazza San Marco, Looking East from the Southwest Corner (Piazza San Marco and he Colonnade), c.1756
Piazza San Marco, the Clocktower, 1730 Piazzetand the Doge s Palace from the Bacino di San Marco, c.1737 Reception of the Ambassador in the Doge’s Palace, 1730
Rio dei Mendicanti, 1724 Riva degli Schiavoni Looking East, 1730 River Landscape with a Column
Rome: Ruins of the Forum, Looking towards the Capitol, 1742 Rome: The Arch of Constantine, 1742 Roofs and Chimneys in Venice, c.1735
San Cristoforo, San Michele & Murano San Francesco della Vigna, Church And Campo San Giacomo de Rialto
San Marco Square (Venice), c.1743 San Marco: the Crossing and North Transept, with Musicians Singing, 1766 San Marco: the Interior, c.1755
Santa Maria Zobenigo, c.1765 Santi Giovanni e Paolo and the Scuola de San Marco, c.1725 Scala dei Giganti, 1765
St. Mark’s Basin, 1738 Stonemason’s Yard, 1727 The Arsenal: the Water Entrance
The Brenta Canal at Padua The Bucintgoro by the Molo on Ascension Day, 1729 The Campo di Rialto, c.1760
The Chapel of Eton College, 1747 The Grand Canal and the Church of the Salute, 1730 The Grand Canal from Campo San Vio towards the Bacino, c.1730
The Grand Canal from the Campo San Vio, Venice, YEAR The Grand Canal near San Maria della Carità, 1726 The Grand Canal nethe Ponte del Rialto, c.1725
The Grand Canal Seen from Rialto toward the North, 1725 The Interior of Henry VII Chapel in Westminster Abbey The Interior of the Rotunda, Ranelagh Gardens, c.1751
The Molo and the Riva degli Schiavoni from the St. Mark’s Basin, 1740 The Molo with the Library and the Entrance to the Grand Canal, c.1740 The Piazzet Looking South, 1727
The Piazzetta Looking towards S. Maria della Salute, c.1727 The Piazzetta Looking towards the Torre dell’Orologio, c.1728 The Piazzetta to the South, c.1725
The Piazzetta: Looking North, the Campanile under Repair, 1745 The Punta della Dogana, 1730 The Rialto Bridge from the South, c.1735
The River Thames with St. Paul’s Cathedral on Lord Mayor’s Day, c.1746 The Thames and the City of London from Richmond House, 1746 The Thames with St. Paul’s Cathedral, 1746
The Tow of Malghera, c.1744 The vigil of Santa Marta, c.1760 The Women s Regaton the Grand Canal, c.1766
Venice Viewed from the San Giorgio Maggiore Venice, Bacino di San Marco on Ascension Day, 1754 Venice: Riva degli Schiavoni, c.1732
Venice: The Basin from the Giudecca, c.1740 Venice: The Canale di San Marco with the Bucintoro at Anchor, c.1732 Venice: The Grand Canal from Palazzo Flangini to the Church of San Marcuola, c.1738
View of a River, Perhaps in Padua, 1745 View of Campo Santi Apostoli, 1730 View of San Giovanni dei Battuti at Murano, c.1727
View of San Giuseppe di Castello, c.1745 View of the Church and the Doge s Palace from the Procuratie Vecchie, c.1742 View of the Entrance to the Arsenal, 1732
View Of The Grand Canal And Santa Maria Della Salute With Boats And Figures In The Foreground, Venice View Of The Grand Walk, vauxhall Gardens, With The Orchestra Pavilion, The Organ House, The Turkish Dining Tent And The Statue Of Aurora Warwick Castle
Warwick Castle: the East Front, 1752 Westminster Abbey, with a Procession of Knights of the Bath, 1749 Westminster Bridge from the north on Lord Mayor’s Day, 1746
Windsor Castle, 1747

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