Boy on the Rocks

Boy on the Rocks
Artist Henri Rousseau
Year 1897
Medium Oil on linen
Location National Gallery of Art
Dimensions 21.8 × 18 in
55.4 × 45.7 cm
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Boy on the Rocks
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Boy on the Rocks was created anywhere from 1895-1897 by Henri Rousseau. It is an oil style portrait on canvas and is on display in Washington, DC at the National Gallery of Art. It was also featured on the cover of Journal of the American Medical Association on May 19, 1999.


The boy in the painting is the only one present in the entire area. He is sitting on top of jagged looking rocks that are piled all around him. Behind the boy is a light blue sky that does not appear to have any clouds in it. The boy is wearing a black cloak and black boots. He is also wearing black and white striped pants and a matching shirt, which could very well be pajamas. His expression is slightly smiling, but his lips are fully closed. The boy’s cheeks are also rosy and red, which makes his face look flush against the pale background.