Black and Violet

Black and Violet
Artist Wassily Kandinsky
Year 1923
Medium Abstract Art
Location Germany
Wassily Kandinsky Famous Paintings
Der Blaue Reiter, 1903
Composition IV, 1911
Composition VII, 1913
On White II, 1923
Composition VI, 1913
Composition VIII, 1923
Yellow-Red-Blue, 1925
Black and Violet, 1923
Composition X, 1939
Complete Works

The excitement of contrasting geometric shapes are the focus of Black and Violet painted by Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky. It is an abstract work that was completed in 1923. While he was in Germany, Kandinsky made abstract and intense paintings. Black and Violet is an example of the profound depth and powerful strength of the artist’s devotion to inner beauty.

The geometric shapes in this composition are uniquely used to create an appearance of infinite shapes that continue pattern deeper and deeper into themselves. This exquisite painting is a testament to the raw yet disciplined talent of the artist.


Black and Violet is an abstract work that is renowned for its detailed composition and rich colors. This beautiful painting combines the passionate brush strokes of the Northern Russian Folk art with the boldness of an almost spiritual preciseness of color and shapes that you can almost hear as you gaze upon this much admired painting.


Wassily Kandinsky, a Russian painter and art theorist who lived in France, is considered a pioneer in pure abstract art. Black and Violet is considered by many to be one of his finest paintings.

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