Bible Timeline

Embark on a journey through time with the “Complete Biblical Timeline,” spanning from the earliest formations of human civilization to the profound events documented in the Holy Scriptures, culminating in the impactful developments of the early AD years. This timeline not only highlights pivotal moments in biblical history but also connects these spiritual milestones to the broader context of human progress and divine interaction.


Bible Timeline (4000 BC to AD 100)


c. 4000 BC The Creation
c. 4000 BC The Garden of Eden (Adam and Eve)
c. 3000 BC Cain Kills Abel
2348 BC Noah and the Flood
2100 BC The Tower of Babel
2091 BC Call of Abram (Abraham)
2066 BC Isaac Born to Abraham and Sarah
2006 BC Jacob and Esau Born to Isaac and Rebekah
1898 BC Joseph Sold into Slavery
1876 BC Jacob’s Family Moves to Egypt
1446 BC or 1290 BC Moses and the Burning Bush
1446 BC or 1290 BC The Ten Plagues and the Exodus from Egypt
1446 BC or 1290 BC The Covenant at Mount Sinai and the Giving of the Law
1406 BC Conquest of Canaan under Joshua
1375-1050 BC Period of the Judges
1050-1010 BC King Saul’s Reign
1010-970 BC King David’s Reign
970-931 BC King Solomon’s Reign and the Building of the First Temple
931 BC Division of the Kingdom
722 BC Assyrian Captivity of Israel (Northern Kingdom)
627 BC The Call of Jeremiah
625 BC The Oracle to Habakkuk
586 BC Babylonian Captivity of Judah (Southern Kingdom)
538 BC Return from Exile under Cyrus the Great of Persia
516 BC Rebuilding of the Temple (Second Temple)
5th century BC Esther Saves the Jews in Persia
458 BC Ezra Journeys to Jerusalem
445 BC Nehemiah Rebuilds the Walls of Jerusalem
430 BC Malachi, the Last Old Testament Prophet
332 BC Alexander the Great Conquers Judea
167-160 BC Maccabean Revolt
1 BC Birth of John the Baptist
c. 4-6 BC Birth of Jesus Christ
c. AD 26-28 John the Baptist Begins His Ministry
c. AD 27-29 Jesus’ Baptism and Start of Ministry
c. AD 30 The Temptation of Jesus
c. AD 30 Jesus Calls his First Disciples
c. AD 30  Wedding at Cana
c. AD 30 Sermon on the Mount
c. AD 31 Jesus Ministers in Galilee
c. AD 31 The Pool of Bethesda
c. AD 31 Jesus Answers John’s Disciples
c. AD 31 Jesus Speaks Many Parables
c. AD 31 Jesus Heals a Demoniac
c. AD 31 Jesus Heals a Paralytic
c. AD 32 Jesus Sends Out His Twelve Apostles
c. AD 32 John the Baptist Beheaded
c. AD 32 Jesus Feeds the 5,000
c. AD 32 Peter’s Confession of Christ
c. AD 32 The Transfiguration 
c. AD 32 Jesus Sends out the Seventy-two
c. AD 32 Jesus Teaches at the Feast of Tabernacles
c. AD 33  Jesus Raises Lazarus
c. AD 33  Final Journey to Jerusalem
c. AD 33  Thursday Before Passover
c. AD 33 Jesus Comforts His Disciples
c. AD 33 Jesus’ Betrayal, Trial, Crucifixion
c. AD 33  Jesus’ Resurrection
c. AD 33  The Ascension
c. AD 30-33 Pentecost and the Beginning of the Church
c. AD 34-36 Conversion of Saul (Paul)
c. AD 46-57 Paul’s Missionary Journeys
c. AD 49 Jerusalem Council
c. AD 58-60 Paul’s Arrest and Imprisonment
AD 70 Destruction of Jerusalem and the Second Temple
c. AD 95 John Writes Revelation
c. 100-200 AD Development of the New Testament Canon