Benjamin Franklin Timeline

Benjamin Franklin Timeline in Chronological Order


1706 Benjamin Franklin is born on January 17 in Boston, Massachusetts, to Josiah and Abiah Franklin.
1718 Franklin is apprenticed to his brother James, a printer and publisher.
1723 Franklin runs away to Philadelphia and works as a printer.
1729 Franklin buys the Pennsylvania Gazette, a newspaper that he turns into a successful publication.
1730 Franklin marries Deborah Read, with whom he has three children.
1731 Franklin founds the Library Company of Philadelphia, the first public lending library in America.
1733 Franklin begins publishing Poor Richard’s Almanack, an annual publication featuring weather forecasts, proverbs, and other useful information.
1741 Franklin invents the Franklin stove, a more efficient heating device for homes.
1747 Franklin begins his experiments with electricity.
1751 Franklin helps establish the Pennsylvania Hospital, the first public hospital in the American colonies.
1752 Franklin conducts his famous kite experiment, proving that lightning is electricity.
1753 Franklin is appointed as Deputy Postmaster General for the American colonies.
1754 Franklin proposes the Albany Plan of Union, an early attempt to unify the American colonies under a single government.
1764 Franklin is elected to the Pennsylvania Assembly and is sent to England as a colonial agent, representing Pennsylvania’s interests.
1775 Franklin returns to America and is elected to the Second Continental Congress. He becomes a member of the Committee of Five, responsible for drafting the Declaration of Independence.
1776 Franklin signs the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, along with other members of the Continental Congress.
1776-1785 Franklin serves as the United States Ambassador to France, where he helps secure French support for the American Revolution and negotiates the Treaty of Paris, which ends the war.
1787 Franklin participates in the Constitutional Convention, which drafts the United States Constitution. He is the oldest delegate in attendance.
1790 Benjamin Franklin dies in Philadelphia at the age of 84.