Beasts of the Sea

Beasts of the Sea
Artist Henri Matisse
Year 1950
Medium Paper collage on canvas
Location National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
Dimensions 116 3/8 in × 60 5/8 in
295.5 cm × 154 cm
Famous Paintings by Henri Matisse
L’Atelier Rouge, 1911
The Conversation, 1912
Woman Reading, 1894
The Dance, 1909
The Snail, 1953
Green Stripe, 1905
Beasts of the Sea, 1950
The Open Window, 1905
Woman with a Hat, 1905

Beasts of the Sea is amongst the last works of Henri Matisse. The painting was made using cut-out method. The painting is particularly interesting because it is in two halves. It makes use of geometrical shapes to depict or symbolize certain aspects of the sea.

The two halves of the painting represented life and death. The left half depicts various sea creatures and vegetation in their natural order, showing creatures floating above the vegetation on ground. In the right half the creatures are seen at the bottom, depicting them as dead. As this artwork was created by Matisse towards the end of his life, it could be said that he was trying to depict life and death through sea creatures.

About the Artist

Henri Matisse was a French artist who is best known for his fluid and distinct artwork. He is amongst the greatest painters of 20th century and helped in revolutionizing art through bold uses of colors and forms to depict objects.

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