Balthus Paintings

Balthasar Klossowski de Rola (February 29, 1908 – February 18, 2001), also known as Balthus, was an well-known Polish-French modern artist with a reputation of controversy. Throughout his life, Balthus renounced the conventional traditions of the art world. He asserted that his paintings should be seen, not read about, and he stifled any attempts made to establish a biography. Learn more »

Paintings by Balthus in Chronological Order

The First Communicants, 1926 The Barracks, 1933 The Street, 1933
Lady Abdy, 1935 The King of Cats, 1935 Children, 1937
Joan Miro and His Daughter Dolores, 1937 Still Life, 1937 The Mountain, 1937
Thérèse, 1938 Larchant, 1939 Self-portrait, 1940
The Cherry Tree, 1940 Drawing Room, 1942 Landscape with Oxen, 1942
Still Life with a Figure, 1942 Drawing Room, 1943 Gotteron, 1943
Patience, 1943 Princess Maria Volkonsky at the Age of Twelve, 1945 The Mediterranean Cat, 1949
Window, Cour de Rohan, 1951 Colette Sitting, 1954 The Passage of Commerce Saint-Andre, 1954
Three Sisters, 1954 Girl at the Window, 1955 Great Landscape with Trees (The Triangular Field), 1955
Landscape in Morvan, 1955 Patience, 1955 Still Life (Quince and Pear), 1956
The Golden Fruit, 1956 Landscape in Chassy, 1957 Large Landscape with a Tree, 1957
The Yonne Valley, 1957 Young Girl at the Window, 1957 v, 1958
Portrait of Baroness Alain de Rothschild, 1958 Still Life with Lamp, 1958 Still Life with Lamp(1), 1958
Study for the Siesta, 1958 The Bouquet of Roses on the Window, 1958 The Child with Pigeons, 1959
Pastoral, 1960 Three sisters, 1964 Three sisters, 1965
The Cardgame, 1973 Katia Reading, 1974 Montecalvello, 1979
Painter and His Model, 1981 The Cat in the Mirror, 1990 Girl Kneeling, Her Arms on a Chair
Landscape in Chassy(1) Study of a Girl with a Window