Auguste Herbin Paintings

Auguste Herbin was a French painter who was influenced by many modern art movements. His early works are strongly tied to the postimpressionist movement, however as time passed he moved away from this style and embraced fauvism, cubism, and New Objectism, respectively. Herbin became well known for his highly abstract and colorful geometric paintings. He was also the cofounder of abstract groups such as Abstraction-Création and Réalités Nouvelles. 


Paintings by Auguste Herbin in Chronological Order

Green Landscape, 1901 The Roofs of Paris in the Snow, 1902 Notre Dame de Paris, 1903
Park in Paris, 1904 House at the Water, 1905 Azalées, 1905
Still Life with Lamp, 1905 Flowers, 1906 After the Rain at la Roche Guyon, 1906
Maison au bord du Fleuve, 1906 Portrait du peintre Mathieu Battaglia , 1906 Snow at Haut Isle, 1906
The Coast at Haute Isle, 1906 Wooded Coast at Roche Goyon, 1906 The Docks of the Port of Bastia, 1907
Corsican Landscape, 1907 Hamburgs port, 1907 Landscape, 1907
Landscape with Poplars, 1907 Portrait de Jeune fille, 1907 The Place Maubert in Paris, 1907
Pond and Small House, 1908 Church at Orgeruse, 1908 Entrance to the Corbeau Mill, 1908
Landscape of a Waterway, 1908 Still Life, 1909 Self-Portrait, 1910
Mill on the Marn, Creteil, 1911 Dropsgezicht, 1911 Still Life with Oranges, 1911
Bridge over the Oise to Vadencourt, 1912 The Oise at Vadencourt, 1912 Cubist Composition, 1913
Landscape in Ceret, 1913 Untitled, 1913 Dessert, 1913
Paysage à Céret, 1913 Paysage Cubiste, 1913 The Yellow Bridge at Ceret, 1913
Women and Children, 1914 Composition cubiste, 1917 Head, 1918
Composition, Landscape at Ceret, 1919 Composition monumentale, 1919 Still Life, 1920
Le Massif du Canigou, 1923 Pont sur la Loue à Moutier, 1923 Untitled (Landscape), 1924
The Red House, 1925 Nature Morte à la Tasse de Café, 1926 The Small Boat, 1927
Composition, 1927 Composition, 1928 Abstraction, 1928
Untitled, 1931 Untitled, 1931 Untitled, 1931
Untitled, 1931 Combat Clair-Obscur, 1939 Composition, 1940
Synchromy in Dark Blue, 1941 Composition sur le Mots, Poires, Pommes, Pêches, 1942 Blanc, 1947
Alphabet Plastique II, 1950 Di Mache 1, 1950 Friday I, 1951
Storm, 1953 Untitled, 1959 Nude, 1960
Le Fin, 1960 Portrait of a Man A Street in Bastia
Cause Cherries Composition
Les Joueurs de boules Mill at Saint Bénin Stationnetje olie op doek
Still LIfe Villaggio di collina