Audrey Flack Paintings

Audrey Flack (b.1931) is an American artist from New York City who is known for her paintings, sculptures, and photography.. She has earned several degrees including a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Yale University. Flack was a pioneer of photorealist painting during the 1960s, however, in the ’80s she began to work almost entirely on the creation of sculptures. She has taught and given many lectures around the world. Flack currently works and lives in New York and East Hampton.

Paintings by Audrey Flack in Chronological Order

Abstract Landscape, 1950 Landscape with Sky, 1951 Abstract Force – Homage to Franz Kline, 1952
Abstract Expressionist Autumn Sky, 1953 Still Life with Grapefruits, 1954 Kennedy Motorcade, 1964
Farb Family Portrait, 1970 Macarena Esperanza, 1971 Macarena of Miracles, 1971
Crayola, 1973 Jolie Madame, 1973 Rich Art, 1973
Shiva Blue, 1973 Chanel, 1974 Self-Portrait, 1974
Strawberry Tart Supreme, 1974 Queen, 1976 Marilyn (Vanitas), 1977
Royal Flush, 1977 World War II (Vanitas), 1977 Wheel of Fortune, 1978
Energy Apples, 1980 Invocation, 1982 Parrots Live Forever