Artist Edvard Munch
Year 1894
Medium Oil on canvas
Location National Gallery, Oslo
Dimensions 47.4 x 55.5 in
120.5 x 141 cm
Famous Paintings by Edvard Munch
The Scream
The Sick Child
Death in the Sickroom
The Dance of Life
Complete Works

Ashes by Edvard Munch was finished in 1894. It is made with oil on canvas and is 120.5 x 141 cm in size. It is an expressionism styled painting that is on display at the National Gallery in Oslo.


Munch had a short affair with the wife of a distant cousin, her name was Millie Thaulow. The woman in this painting resembles her and is located in the woods, where the two would meet.


A woman with long red hair is facing straight forward with her white dress unbuttoned to show her red slip underneath. She is holding her head in turmoil and has a look of despair. There is a man on the bottom right hand corner, but he is holding his head and cannot be identified. They are situated in the dark woods with different items strewn around on the ground around them. It is apparent these two are lovers who are going through a time of difficulty.

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