Asger Jorn Paintings

Asger Jorn (1914 – 1973) was a Danish artist who was heavily involved in the avant-garde movements COBRA and Situationist International. In 1936, Jorn drove to Paris and enrolled in Fernand Léger’s private art school. He continued his art education at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Jorn was an abstract painter, though he was multi skilled and created works in a variety of mediums including collage, book illustration, prints, drawings, ceramics, tapestries, murals, and sculpture. To honor Jorn’s contributions to art history, The Silkeborg Museum of Art in Denmark was renamed the Museum Jorn.

Paintings by Asger Jorn in Chronological Order:

Småting, 1940 Vision Rouge, 1944 Didaska I, 1945
La Fleur du mal, 1946 Le droit d’aigle, 1950 The Moon and the Animals, 1950
On the Silent Myth, Opus 4b, 1952 Study for Femelle Interplanetaire, 1953 The Black Flight, 1955
Tu etais tel, 1956 Letter to My Son, 1956-1957 Jardin des êtres, 1957
Le Soldat et son passé, 1957 The Timid Proud One, 1957 Untitled, 1957
Tristesse Blanche, 1958 Le canard inquiétant, 1959 Paris by Night (Defiguration), 1959
Untitled A, 1959 Untitled C, 1959 Oui, chérie, 1961
Phornix Park, 1961 Untitled, 1961 La Dolce Vita II (Defiguration), 1962
Les Bersaerk sont parmis nous, 1962 Poussin (Défiguration), 1962 Souriez Rue Froide (Defiguration), 1962
The Barber and the Berber (Defiguration), 1962 In the Beginning Was the Image, 1965 L’infinie suffisance, 1965
Une mime de rien (ou presque), 1967 Equilibre Précair, 1968 L’Escargodot, 1968
Le bon sauvage, 1969 Mater Profana (Defiguration), 1969 Vizio geologico, 1969
Sérénité Aubaine, 1970 Stalingrad, 1972