Arthur Hughes Paintings

Arthur Hughes (1832 – 1915) was an English painter and illustrator who was closely associated with with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. He was said to be well liked by his contemporaries. Some of Hughes’ most well known paintings are April Love (1856), and The Long Engagement (1859).

Paintings by Arthur Hughes in Chronological Order:

Aurora Leigh’s Dismissal of Romney – (The Tryst), c.1845 The Young Poet, c.1849 Self-Portrait, 1851
Ophelia, 1852 Amy (study), c.1853-c.1854 April Love, 1856
The Eve of St. Agnes, 1856 The King’s Orchard, c.1858 The King’s Orchard, c.1858
The Long Engagement, 1859 The Knight of the Sun, c.1859-c.1860 Home From the Sea, 1862
Ophelia, c.1863 The Beautiful Lady Without Pity, 1863 A Music Party, 1861-1864
In the Grass, c.1864-c.1865 Mariana at the Window, 1865-1867 The Pained Heart’, or ‘Sigh No More, Ladies’, 1868
Sir Galahad – the Quest of the Holy Grail, 1870 The Lady of Shalott, 1873 The Property Room, 1879
The Sailing Signal Gun, 1880-1881 Little One Who Straight Has Come Down the Heavenly Stairs, 1888 The Overthrowing of the Rusty Knight, c.1894-c.1898
Endymion - Arthur Hughes
A Spring Afternoon Asleep in the Woods Endymion
Enid and Geraint Gleaning Good Night
Lucy Hill Old Neighbor Gone Bye Perran Point – Cornwall
Portrait of Mrs. Louisa Jenner The Annunciation The Birth of Tristan, from ‘The Story of Tristan and Isolde’
The Nativity The Yellow Sand