Anthony van Dyck Paintings

Anthony van Dyck (1599 – 1641) was a Flemish Baroque artist who is most well known for his portraiture paintings. Early in his career, he worked as an assistant to the painter Peter Paul Rubens. After honing his craft, Van Dyck settled in England where he became one of the leading court portraitists of his time. He painted many portraits of King Charles I, who eventually honored him with knighthood. Van Dyck was highly regarded and his style of portraiture remained influential for many years following his death.

Anthony van Dyck’s paintings in chronological order:

Abraham and Isaac, c.1617 An Apostle, c.1618 Head of a Robber, 1618
St Martin Dividing his Cloak, c.1618 - Anthony van Dyck
St. Martin Dividing His Cloak, c.1618 The Penitent Apostle Peter, 1618 Young Woman with a Child, 1618
An Apostle with Folded Hands, 1620 Cornelis van der Geest, c.1620 Crowning with Thorns, 1620
Emperor Charles V on Horseback, 1620 Emperor Theodosius Forbidden by St Ambrose To Enter Milan Cathedral, 1620 Margareta Snyders, c.1620
Mozes and the Brass Snake, 1620 Portrait of Nicolaes van der Borght, c.1620 Portrait of Sir Thomas Chaloner, 1620
Portrait of Susanna Fourment and Her Daughter, 1620 Samson and Delilah, 1620 Snyders, c.1620
The Capture of Christ, 1620 The Lamentation, 1620 Apostle Jude, 1621
Double Portrait of the Painter Frans Snyders and his Wife, c.1621 Isabella Brandt, 1621 Portrait of a Flemish Lady, 1621
Silenus Drunk, c.1621 Crucifixion, c.1622 Lucas van Uffelen, 1622
Portrait of a Noblewoman, 1622 Sir Robert Sherly, 1622 Susanna and the Elders, 1622
Teresia, Lady Shirley, 1622 George Gage with Two Men, 1623 Portrait of Clelia Cattaneo, Daughter of Marchesa Elena Grimaldi, 1623
Portrait of Filippo Cattaneo, Son of Marchesa Elena Grimaldi, 1623 Portrait of Marchesa Elena Grimaldi, wife of Marchese Nicola Cattaneo, 1623 Portrait of Virginio Cesarini, 1623
Self Portrait, 1623 Portrait of a Gentleman, 1624 Portrait of Emmanuel Philibert, 1624
Portrait of a Member of the Balbi Family, c.1625 Portrait of Cardinal Guido Bentivoglio, c.1625 Portrait of Giovanni Vincenzo Imperiale, 1625
Portrait of the Prefect Raphael Racius, 1625 An Aristocratic Genoese, 1626 Genoese Noblewoman with her Son, 1626
Marchesa Geronima Spinola, 1626 Wife of an Aristocratic Genoese, 1626 Christ on the Cross, 1627
Portrait of a Man in Armour with Red Scarf, 1627 Portrait of a Noble Genoese Lady, 1627 Portrait of a Young General, 1627
Portrait of Marchesa Balbi, 1627 Portrait of the Painter Cornelis de Wae, c.1627 The Assumption of the Virgin, 1627
The Lomellini Family, 1627 Portrait of Porzia Imperiale and Her Daughter, 1628 Blessed Joseph Hermann, 1629
Portrait of the Sculptor Duquesnoy, 1629 Portrait of Adriaen Stevens, 1629 Portrait of Father Jean Charles della Faille, 1629
Portrait of Maria Lugia de Tassis, 1629 The Vision of St Anthony, 1629 Golgotha, 1630
Nicholas Lanier, 1630 Philip, 4th Earl of Pembroke and His Family, c.1630 Philippe Le Roy, 1630
Portrait of a Gentleman Dressed in Black, in Front of a Pillar, c.1630 Portrait of a Lady Dressed in Black, Before a Red Curtain, c.1630 Portrait of an Unknown Woman, c.1630
Portrait of Dona Polyxena Spinola Guzm de Lagan`s, c.1630 Portrait of Henry Danvers, Earl of Danby, as a Knight of the Order of the Garter, c.1630 Portrait of Maria Louisa de Tassis, c.1630
Portrait Of Philip, Lord Wharton, c.1630 The Rest on the Flight to Egypt, 1630 Titian`s Self Portrait with a Young, c.1630
Virgin with Donors, c.1630 Marie de Raet, 1631 Martin Ryckaert, 1631
Portrait of Anna Dalkeith, Countess of Morton, and Lady Anna Kirk, c.1631 Portrait of Jacques Le Roy, 1631 Charles I and Queen Henrietta Maria with Charles, Prince of Wales and Princess Mary, 1632
Charles I of England and Henrietta of France, c.1632 Philip, Fourth Lord Wharton, 1632 Portrait Of Frederik Hendrik, 1632
Prince Rupert von der Pfalz, 1632 Self portrait with a Sunflower, 1632 Equestrian Portrait of Charles I, King of England with Seignior de St Antoine, 1633
James Stuart, Duke of Lennox and Richmond, 1633 Queen Henrietta Maria and her dwarf Sir Jeffrey Hudson, 1633 Deposition, 1634
James Stuart, Duke Of Richmond And Lennox With His Attributes, 1634 Portrait of Henri II de Lorraine, Duc de Guise, 1634 Portrait of Marguerite of Lorraine, Duchess of Orleans, 1634
St. Mary’s Church at Rye, England, 1634 A Meadow, Surrounded by Trees, 1635 Charles I, King of England at the Hunt, c.1635
George Villiers, 2nd Duke of Buckingham and His Brother Lord Francis Villiers, 1635 Portrait of a Lady, 1635 Portrait of an English Gentleman, c.1635
Portrait of Anna van Craesbecke, 1635 Portrait of Anne Carr, Countess of Bedford, c.1635 Portrait of Isabella van Assche, Wife of Justus van Meerstraten (d.1639), 1635
Portrait of Joost de Hertoghe, c.1635 Portrait of Justus van Meerstraeten, 1635 Portrait of Philadelphia and Elisabeth Cary, c.1635
Queen Henrietta Maria, 1635 Sheet of Studies, 1635 Thomas Howard, 2nd Earl of Arundel and Surrey with His Grandson Lord Maltravers, 1635
Charles I in Three Positions, 1636 Charles I, King of England, 1636 George Digby, 2nd Earl of Bristol and William Russell, 1st Duke of Bedford, 1637
Charles I, King of England, from Three Angles, 1636 Lady Elizabeth Thimbleby and Dorothy, Viscountess Andover, 1637 Portrait of the Princes Palatine Charles Louis I and his Brother Robert, 1637
The Five Eldest Children of Charles I, 1637 Diana Cecil, Countess of Oxford, 1638 Lady Borlase, 1638
Lord John and Lord Bernard Stuart, c.1638 Portrait of a Girl as Erminia Accompanied by Cupid, 1638 Portrait of Lady d Aubigny, 1638
Thomas Killigrew and William, Lord Crofts, 1638 Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford in an Armor, 1639 Equestrian Portrait of Charles I, King of England, 1640
Portrait of Prince Charles Louis, Elector Palatine, 1641 William II, Prince of Orange and Princess Henrietta Mary Stuart, daughter of Charles I of England, 1641 Agostino Pallavicini
Anna Wake Arthur Goodwin, M.P. (oil on canvas) Avenue in the Country
Charles I on Horseback Evangelist John Family Portrait
Franзois Langlois Johan Oxenstierna Lady Lucy Percy
Lucas Vorsterman Maria and Child and Saints Maria Bosschaerts, Wife of Adriaen Stevens
Marie Clarisse, Wife of Jan Woverius, with Their Child Nicolaas Rockox Nicolaes van der Borght, Merchant of Antwerp
Pieter Stevens Portrait of a Gentleman, Putting on his Gloves Portrait of a Lady
Portrait of a Lady, presumed to be the Marquise Geromina Spinola Doria de Genes Portrait of a Married Couple Portrait of a Military Commander bust length in Profile in Damascened armour with white colland red sash
Portrait Of A Monk Of The Benedictine Order, Holding A Skull Portrait of Charles II When Prince of Wales Portrait of Endymion Porter
Portrait of Marcello Durazzo Portrait of Queen Henrietta Maria Portrait of the Artist Marten Pepijn
Portrait of the Three Eldest Children of Charles I Profile Study Of A Bearded Old Man Queen Henrietta Maria
Rubens Mourning His Wife Saint Bartholomew Self-Portrait
Sir Endymion Porter and the Artist St. George and the Dragon St. Jerome
The Wife and Daughter of Colyn de Nole - Anthony van Dyck
Studies of a Man’s Head The Lamentation of Christ The Wife and Daughter of Colyn de Nole

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