Another World

Another World
Artist M.C. Escher
Year 1947
Medium Woodcut
Dimensions 12.5 in × 10.3 in
31.8 cm × 26.1 cm
M.C. Escher Famous Paintings
The Waterfall, 1961
Relativity, 1953
Ascending and Descending, 1960
Drawing Hands, 1948
Sky and Water I, 1938
Three Worlds, 1955
House of Stairs, 1951
Belvedere, 1958
Another World, 1947
Complete Works

Another World by Maurits Cornelis (M.C.) Escher is also sometimes referred to as Other World. Mr. Escher was a graphic artist of Dutch descent. This particular creation was completed in 1947 and is of the woodcut print variety. Simply put, woodcut prints consist of printed matter on the surface and carvings made within the image. Just a month prior to the printing of this version, Escher produced a mezzotint of the same name with Other World Gallery as a subtitle.


Another World displays a 5-sided cube featuring brick filled open archways on all sides. The bottom archway appears to be looking up from the base. The bottom area appears as an almost three dimensional view of space. The top archway is closed as would be a ceiling. In the middle, we see a crater like surface that looks out upon a galaxy. In each perspective we see either a human-faced birdlike creature (statue) or a cornucopia or horn dangling from chains. This work is one of paradox, portraying an inconsistency of the senses.

Art Style

Esher’s art form is best described as Trompe l’oeil, that is, an escape from proportion, architecture, and overall perspective. Some may refer to the style as Mathematical Art.

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