André Derain Paintings

André Derain (June 10, 1880 – September 8, 1954) was a French sculptor and painter. He was a co-founder of Fauvism, alongside Henri Matisse. Learn more »

Paintings by André Derain in Chronological Order

Funeral, 1899 The Road to Calvary, 1901 Ball of soldiers in Suresnes, 1903
Baker’s hotel, c.1904 Landscape near Chatou, 1904 Landscape near Chatou, 1904
Music, 1904 Still life on the red table, 1904 Still Life on the Table, 1904
Banks of Seine, c.1905 Boats at Collioure, 1905 Estaque, 1905
Portrait of Matisse, 1905 Self Portrait with a Cap, c.1905 The Bridge, view on the river, 1905
The Port of Collioure, 1905 The Port of Collioure, 1905 Westminster, 1905
Yacht, 1905 Bacchus dance, 1906 Charing Cross Bridge, 1906
Charing Cross Bridge, c.1906 Effect of Sun on the Water, London, 1906 Figures from a Carnival, c.1906
Portrait of Lucien Gilbert, 1906 The basin of London, 1906 The Dance, 1906
The Trees, c.1906 Untitled, c.1906 A woman with green dress, 1907
Landscape, 1907 Landscape, 1907 Landscape near Martigues, 1908
Martigues Landscape, 1908 Forest at Martigues, c.1909 Landscape of Carriéres, 1909
Still life, 1910 The Dancer, c.1910 Vista de Saint Paul de Vence, 1910
The Bagpiper at Camiers, c.1911 The Last Supper of Jesus, 1911 A Village, c.1912
Portrait of a Woman, c.1912 Still Life, 1912 Still LIfe with Pears and Indian Bowl, c.1912
The Grove, 1912 The River, 1912 The Still life in front of cross on top of the mountain, 1912
Drinker, c.1913 Landscape at Cadaques, c.1913 Portrait of a Man With a Newspaper, c.1913
Portrait of a Woman, 1913 The offering, 1913 The portrait of woman, 1913
The Two Sisters, 1913 Trees on the Banks of the Seine, 1913 Bust of a Woman, c.1914
Portrait of a Young Girl in Black, c.1914 Portrait of Francesco Iturrino, 1914 Still life, 1914
Portrait of a man, 1915 The Artist in his Studio, 1920 Portrait of Alice Derain, c.1921
Table, c.1922 Italian girl, c.1923 Harlequin and Pierrot, 1924
Portrait of Madame Paul Guillaume with a large hat, c.1928 Still Life with Dead Game, 1928 The Path of forest, 1928
Landscape, 1930 Girl, 1931 Still Life with Oranges, 1931
The road, 1932 Black Scarf, 1935 The Cup of Tea, 1935
Deerstalking, 1938 Jane keeping an apple, 1938 Return of Ulysses, 1938
The girl cutting apple, 1938 Still life, c.1939 The Painter and his Family, 1939
The Still life with Pumpkin, 1939 Golden age, c.1940 Orgiastic women, 1945
Sorrowful Landscape, 1946 Ominous Landscape, 1950 Self-portrait with a pipe, 1953
Portrait of Madame Carco Still life The river
The road and the tree