Anders Zorn Paintings

Anders Leonard Zorn (February 18, 1860 – August 22, 1920) was an internationally-recognized Swedish printmaker in etching, sculptor, and painter. Learn more »

Paintings & Artwork by Anders Zorn in Chronological Order

Portrait of AgusHolzer, 1879 In mourning, 1880 Emma Lamm in a straw hat, 1881
Portrait of Fru Lisen Samson, nee Hirsch, Arranging Flowers at a Window, 1881 Stockholm, 1881 Study of Landscape in Richmond, 1882
Self-portrait, 1882 Wallpaper Factory, 1884 Lucky with the ladies, c.1884
In Top Capu, 1885 Castles in the Air, 1885 Ernest Cassel, 1886
Kaikroddare, 1886 Our daily bread, 1886 Summer Entertainment, 1886
Surveying the Vista, 1886 In Scotland (Mrs. Symons), 1887 In the Harbour of Algiers, 1887
Lappings of the waves, 1887 Mrs Symons, 1888 A Fisherman, 1888
Baking the Bread, 1889 Coquelin Cadet, 1889 Mona, 1889
Impressions of London, 1890 The Battleship baltimore In Stockholm Harbor, 1890 View from the Ship Island pier, 1890
The Little Brewery, 1890 A Portrait of Jean Baptiste Faure, 1891 Hamburg Harbour, 1891
Margit, 1891 Mrs Walter Bacon, 1891 Waltz, 1891
Opal, 1891 Portrait of Max Liebermann, 1891 Grandmother, 1892
The Mora Fair, 1892 A Toast in the Idun Society, 1892 In the woods, 1893
Mrs Potter Palmer, 1893 unnlod, 1893 Omnibus, 1893
In my Gondola, 1894 Portrait of Emma in the Paris studio, 1894 Spetssom, 1894
Effect of night, 1895 Nymph and faun, 1895 Mrs Bacon, 1897
Mona, 1898 Portrait Of Mrs Eben Richards, 1899 President Grover Cleveland, 1899
Portrait of Elizabeth Sherman Cameron, 1900 Girl knitting, 1901 Emma and Mouche, the dog, 1902
Midsummer dance, 1903 Hins Anders, 1904 A Musical Family, 1905
Dance in Gopsmor, 1906 The Painter Bruno Liljefors, 1906 A Woman in a Forest, 1907
Hugo Reisinger, 1907 Christmas Morning Service, 1908 Walk, 1908
Gustav V, 1909 Girl in an Orsa Costume, 1911 William H. Taft, 1911
Mona, 1911 Self-portrait in a wolfskin, 1915 Self-portrait in red, 1915
Ols Maria, 1918 A Kitchen Maid, 1919 Home Tunes, 1920
A Girl from Mora A Portrait Of a Christian De Falbe A Portrait Of The Daughters Of Ramon Subercasseaux
Antonin Proust Breakfast In The Green Emma Zorn, reading
Fish market in St Ives Frances Cleveland Gustav Vasa
Lisen Lamm Madame Clara Rikoff Martha Dana
Misses Solomon Motherhood Oscar II
Portrait Of Edith Palgrave Edward In Her London Residence Queen Sophia Self-Portrait
The cousins The sisters Schwartz White Lilies