Alexander the Great Quiz

  1. What empire did Alexander the Great create?
    a) The Roman Empire
    b) The Persian Empire
    c) The Macedonian Empire
    d) The Egyptian Empire

  2. Who was Alexander the Great’s father?
    a) King Philip II
    b) King Darius III
    c) King Leonidas
    d) King Xerxes

  3. Who was Alexander the Great’s tutor in his youth?
    a) Socrates
    b) Aristotle
    c) Plato
    d) Diogenes

  4. What was the name of Alexander the Great’s famous horse?
    a) Pegasus
    b) Bucephalus
    c) Charger
    d) Black Stallion

  5. Which ancient city did Alexander the Great name after himself?
    a) Alexandria
    b) Babylon
    c) Athens
    d) Persepolis

  6. At what age did Alexander the Great become king?
    a) 16
    b) 20
    c) 25
    d) 30

  7. Which famous battle marked the beginning of Alexander the Great’s conquest of the Persian Empire?
    a) Battle of Issus
    b) Battle of Gaugamela
    c) Battle of Granicus
    d) Battle of Marathon

  8. Which ancient empire did Alexander the Great NOT conquer?
    a) Persian Empire
    b) Egyptian Empire
    c) Roman Empire
    d) Indian Empire

  9. What was the cause of Alexander the Great’s death?
    a) Battle injury
    b) Assassination
    c) Illness
    d) Old age

  10. What was Alexander the Great’s primary goal in his military campaigns?
    a) To spread Greek culture
    b) To amass wealth
    c) To avenge his father’s death
    d) To conquer the known world

Answer Key:

  1. c) The Macedonian Empire
  2. a) King Philip II
  3. b) Aristotle
  4. b) Bucephalus
  5. a) Alexandria
  6. b) 20
  7. c) Battle of Granicus
  8. c) Roman Empire
  9. c) Illness
  10. d) To conquer the known world