Aldobrandini Madonna

Aldobrandini Madonna
Artist Raphael
Year Between 1509-1510
Medium Oil on wood panel
Location National Gallery, London
Dimensions 15.25 in × 12.5 in
38.9 cm × 32.9 cm

In 1509-1510, an oil painting of Aldobrandini Madonna was made by Raphael. It was what he worked on during his spare time while working on the Stanza Della Segnatura in Vatican at that time. The painting depicts the image of the Virgin Mother, Christ child and the infant John the Baptist. It is the trio whom the painter usually uses as the subject to his numerous paintings.

The poses of the figures identify the relationship between them. For example, the picture shows the close relationship between Christ child and his similarly-aged cousin, John the Baptist. John the Baptist shows a sweet gesture by giving carnation to the Christ child.