Albert Gleizes Paintings

Albert Gleizes (1881-1953) was a French artist, writer, and philosopher. In 1912, along with fellow artist, Jean Metzinger, he wrote the first major treatise on Cubism, called Du Cubisme. Gleizes was very involved within his art community and was a part of many groups, such as the Section d’Or and Der Sturm. Many of his theoretical writings were very popular in Germany and he was instrumental in exposing modern art to Americans during his time living in New York.

Paintings by Albert Gleizes in Chronological Order:

Houses in a Valley, 1910 Landscape with Bridge and Viaduct, 1910 La Chasse, 1911
Portrait de Jacques Nayral, 1911 Man on a Balcony (Portrait of Dr. Théo Morinaud), 1912 Football Players, 1912
The Swimmers, 1912 Femmes cousant, 1913 Landscape with Chimneys, 1913
Woman with Animals, 1914 Paysage, 1914 Portrait of Igor Stravinsky, 1914
Two Women Seated by a Window, 1914 Composition (For Jazz), 1915 New York, 1915
Acrobats, 1916 On Brooklyn Bridge, 1917 Femme Cubiste, 1921
Figure Cubiste, 1921 Femme au Fauteuil, 1923 The Schoolboy, 1924
Composition, 1928 Matière et Lumière ou le Christ au Tétramorphe, 1934 Arabesque brush or Cubist Composition, 1952
Untitled Untitled Composition au diapason
Landscape with Mill On a Sailboat Portrait de Miss Bessie Baver
Serrieres Tarrytown Untitled
Untitled Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled Vers le port