Alba Madonna

Alba Madonna

    Artist: Raphael
    Year: 1511
    Medium: Oil transferred from
    wood to canvas
    Location: National Gallery of Art,
    Washington, D.C.
    Dimension: 94.5 cm diameter
    (37¼ in)

The painting Alba Madonna portrays a picture of Mary, Jesus and Saint John the Baptist in an Italian countryside. It was painted by Raphael.

Paolo Giovio commissioned the Madonna and planned to send it to one of the churches in Nocera dei Pagani. The church was known as Oliventani. In 1836, it was made as the highlights of the Imperial Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg. It was then owned by Nicholas I of Russia. The painting was later donated to the National Gallery of Art in Washington by Andrew W. Mellon. Andrew W. Mellon acquired the painting after it was sold to him by the Soviet Government a century later from the acquisition of the painting by Nicholas I. The painting is presently still at the National Gallery of Art in Washington.

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