Agrarian Leader Zapata

Agrarian Leader Zapata
Artist Diego Rivera
Year 1931
Medium Fresco on reinforced cement
Location The Museum of Modern Art in New York City
Dimensions 93 3/4 x 74 in
238.1 x 188 cm
Diego Rivera Famous Paintings
Man, Controller of the Universe, 1934
La Mujer del Pozo, 1913
En el Arsenal, 1928
Frozen Assets, 1931
The Flower Carrier, 1935
Agrarian Leader Zapata, 1931
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The Agrarian Leader Zapata replicates a part of a larger mural done in 1931, where the leader is holding a sugarcane scythe, while clutching the reins of a horse in his other hand. Experiencing the beginning of the Mexican Revolution, Rivera brought the scene to life.

The Artist

Diego Rivera was born in 1886, and was considered to be one of the greatest Mexican painters of the 20th century. With a profound effect on international art, he created many works, including the Agrarian Leader Zapata.

Rivera’s Studies

He began his studies in 1907 in Europe, spending most of his time in Paris. Much of his work depicted his life in Mexico, and his Mexican history, which he could easily display through frescoes, as the large plaster pieces were easy to display and get out to the public.

U.S. Work

He made his first trip to the U.S. in 1930, and was immediately commissioned to do 2 large pieces. He was also in charge of larger works in 1932 and 1933, working on the walls of the Detroit Museum and the RCA building in Rockefellar.