Ad Parnassum

Ad Parnassum
Artist Paul Klee
Year 1932
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimensions 39 x 49 in
100 x 126 cm
Paul Klee Famous Paintings
Twittering Machine, 1922
Cat and Bird, 1928
Senecio, 1922
Ad Parnassum, 1932
Castle and Sun, 1928
Red Balloon, 1922
Fish Magic, 1925
Insula Dulcamara, 1938
Dream City, 1921
Complete Works

Paul Klee painted Ad Parnassum in 1932 with oil on canvas. The dimensions are 100 by 126 cm, and it is a piece in the expressionist style.


Klee was known for creating pieces that housed hidden symbols inside them. His art is also known for the beautiful colors that he mixed together and created on his pieces.


The colors on this painting are what make it one of Klee’s most popular pieces. There are very small blocks of colors that are placed throughout the piece. There is also a thick black line that gives the appearance of a house. There is also an arch shape at the bottom that appears to be a door. On the side of the home is a bright orange circle that looks like it would be a sun. The colors shift from blue to green and from orange to tan. There are different color patches that overlap each other throughout the piece.

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