A.Y. Jackson Paintings

Alexander Young Jackson (1882 – 1974) was a Canadian painter and important member of the Group of Seven. He gained an interest in art at the young age of twelve while he worked at a Montreal lithography company. As he matured, he continued to take art lessons and study landscape painting. Jackson was enlisted during World War I and served as a war artist. He spent a fair amount of time traveling and honing his craft. During the 1940s, Jackson taught at the Banff School of Fine Arts. Jackson remains an important figure in Canadian art history for his contributions to Canadian landscape painting.

Paintings by A.Y. Jackson in Chronological Order:

The Edge of the Maple Wood, 1910 Terre Sauvage, 1913 Frozen Lake, Early Spring, Algonquin Park, 1914
The Red Maple, 1914 Entrance to Halifax Harbour, 1919 First Snow, Algoma Country, 1920
Maple Woods, Algoma, 1920 March Storm, Georgian Bay, 1920 October Morning, Algoma (Wartz Lake), 1920
Night Pine Island, 1921 The Winter Road, Quebec, 1921 Early Spring, Quebec, 1923
Barns, 1926 North Shore, Lake Superior, 1926 Skeena Crossing, 1926
Indian Home, 1927 Grey Day, Laurentians, 1928 The Beothic at Bache Post, Ellesmere Island, 1928
River St. Urbain, 1930 The Road to St. Fidele, 1930 Nellie Lake, 1933
Valley of the Gouffre River, 1933 Winter Morning, Charlevoix County, 1933 Houses, St. Urbain, 1934
Algoma in November, 1935 Smart River (Alaska), 1945 Spring, Caribou Country, 1949, 1949
St. John’s, Newfoundland, 1951 Hills at Great Bear Lake, 1953 Wilderness, Deese Bay