A Carnival Evening

A Carnival Evening
Artist Henri Rousseau
Year 1886
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimensions 46.2 x 35.2 in
117.3 × 89.5 cm
Location Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA, USA
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A Carnival Evening is an oil painting that was created by Henri Rousseau in 1885. It was completed in 1886 and is currently on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia.


This painting was a bit of a departure from Rousseau’s normal jungle motifs. Many critics weren’t sure how to take the painting since it features strange characters in an area that looks dark and dreary. The unique appearance has made this one of the artist’s most famous pieces. Rousseau called this a portrait landscape because the portrait in the foreground is right on top of the landscape background.


The background of the piece is a dark forest-like area. There seems to be a sun setting, with clouds starting to float away. In the front of the scene are two people who are dressed in strange costumes. They are holding each other close and it’s apparent if they have a purpose. The figures are very bright and noticeable, especially with the dark background all around them.

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