Pierre Bonnard Paintings

Pierre Bonnard (October 3, 1867 – January 23, 1947) was a French printmaker and painter. He was also a Les Nabis founding member. Learn more »

Paintings by Pierre Bonnard in Chronological Order

Pot of Flowers, 1888 Snowballs, 1891 Study for Afternoon in the Garden, 1891
Woman with Dog, 1891 Young Girl Sitting with a Rabbit, 1891 Dusk, or a Round of Croquet, 1892
Woman in a Green Dress in a Garden, 1892 Child at Table, 1893 Family, 1893
At the Races, Longchamp, 1894 The White Cat, 1894 At the Fence, 1895
Child Eating Cherries, 1895 On the Track, 1895 Intimit, 1896
Parisian Boulevard, 1896 At the Circus, 1897 The Lunch of the Little Ones, 1897
Ice Palace, 1896-1898 Young Woman before the Window, 1898 Children Playing in a Garden, 1899
Dauphine Landscape, 1899 The Luncheon, 1900 Sea Landscape, 1900
The Washing, 1900 Boulevard des Batignolles, 1901 The Terrasse Children with Black Dog, 1902
Boats in Port at Low Tide, 1905 Going Rowing, 1905 The Pont des Arts, 1905
The Yacht, 1905 Eiffel Tower and the Seine, 1906 The House of Misia Sert, 1906
Cherry Pie, 1908 Woman in a Blue Hat, 1908 Garden with Red Tree, 1909
Landscape with Freight Train, 1909 Girl with Parrot, 1910 Evening in Paris, 1911
Autumn: The Fruit Pickers, 1912 Gardens of Tuileries, 1912 Hambourg, Picnic, 1908-1912
La Place Clichy, 1912 Landscape, Sunset, 1912 Saint Tropez, Pier, 1912
Flowers on a Mantlepiece, 1913 Avenue du Bois in Boulogne, 1912-1914 Fruit Bowl, 1914
Jakten, 1915 Landscape at Vernon, 1915 Momisa, 1915
Cagnes Landscape, 1916 Portrait of a Girl, Mademoiselle Renee Terrasse, 1916 The Tea, 1916
The Solfege, 1917 Still LIfe with Earthenware Dish, 1918 Interior with Flowers, 1919
The Bowl of Milk, 1919 The Pont de Vernon, 1920 Workers, 1916-1920
By the Sea, Under the Pines, 1921 The Open Window, 1921 The Palm, 1926
The Port of Cannes, 1926-1927 Flowers on a Red Carpet, 1928 The Seine, 1928-1930
In Summer, 1931 Pitcher, 1931 Vase with Anemonies and Empty Vase, 1933
Landing Stage, 1934 A Spring Landscape, 1935 The Workshop with Mimosa, 1935
The Terrace at Vernon, 1920-1939 The garden Steps, 1940 The Terraces, 1941
Red Roofs in Cannet, 1942 View of Le Cannet, Roofs, 1941-1942 Garden at Midday, 9143
Landscape of Cote d Azur, 1943 Bull and Child, 1945 The Last Self Portrait, 1944-1945
View from the Artist’s Studio, Le Cannet, 1945 Picking Cherries, 1946 A Young Girl
Child and Cats Convocation Dining Room on the Garden
Misia Poppies The Almond Tree in Blossom
The Cote d’Azur The Organ Grinder Trouville, the Exit to the Port

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